Ames Green Property
Collective (AGPC)


Group equity cooperatives have successfully demonstrated that people who would otherwise rent property can collectively own it. This brings enormous benefits, reducing what people would otherwise pay in rent, providing the opportunity for people to have control over their living environment, and creating deep stability in communities. To learn more about group equity, please watch the videos we have made below.

The Ames Green Property Collective (AGPC) is seeking both occupants who are willing to commit to the idea, and the financial backing needed to establish the first cooperative. The aim is to start by obtaining housing with four or more units located in the vicinity of either West Street and Campus Avenue, or between 7th and 10th Street downtown.

The collective is being set up by the AGPC Development Trust, consisting of people willing to coordinate the effort and hand off the ownership to occupants when it is fully functional. Each property in the AGPC will be an autonomous cooperative, and the cooperatives together will form a larger collective. AGPC cooperatives will be governed by consensus by the occupants, with ongoing maintenance being handled by representatives, officers and property management staff that are elected or hired.

There will be strong values and responsibilities built into the bylaws, culture and practices of the AGPC. These include the contribution towards common space and a healthy and aesthetic surrounding, and strong environmental standards and social responsibilities. The AGPC is also exploring the possibility of creating an arrangement that allows individuals to exchange equity (see our page on Exchanging Individual Equity).

To learn more about the AGPC, see the following documents:
*Written Overview
*Prospective Bylaws
*Business Plan
*Sample Member Contract

Additional Resources on Group Equity:
*North American Students of Cooperation (NASCO)
*NASCO Organizer’s Handbook
*River City Housing Collective (RCHC, Iowa City)

Please contact the AGPC any time:
Phone: 515-451-6464